Pamela J Davis Tapestries and Fiber - metal Sculptures

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Slivers of the Forest                and Fiber - Metal SculpturesSlivers_Fiber_-_Metal.htmlSlivers_Fiber_-_Metal.htmlSlivers_Fiber_-_Metal.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1

As I weave tapestries  my hands move over and under the yarn and the layers of yarn turn into colorful shapes. Process is important to my art. Weaving a tapestry can take a month to a year depending on the size and design.  I design all my work and hand dye the wool yarn.

As a sculptor I flame paint copper sheet and thread multi-colored  and textured yarn and beads through the copper. These images are called Slivers of the Forest and Fiber - Metal Sculptures.